Marc Bozzacco

For Pennsylvania State Representative

Hi, I’m Marc Bozzacco and I’m running to be the first independent voice in the Pennsylvania State House in over 85 years. I will bring transparency, integrity, and common sense to Harrisburg.

The Leadership Our State Needs

Marc Bozzacco is an 18 yr resident of Abington township. He, his wife Eva, and their Bernese Mountain Dog, Daisy live in the Glenside section of the township. Marc is a Local 420 Steamfitter, Master Plumber, Chairman of The Montgomery County Libertarian Committee, and an Eagle Scout. He enjoys working in his garden, traveling, and hiking and camping.

A Vision For Pennsylvania

My goal is to provide power back to the people of Pennsylvania and allow them to live the way they choose.


Actionable Issues

My views are very open. There are some overviews below, but feel free to ask me directly on our Facebook and I will reply to your Facebook posts with my ideas and work to come up with solutions.


Taxes and Spending

The bottom line is, the people of Pennsylvania are overtaxed to pay for inefficient ineffective government.

The State of Pennsylvania has some of the highest taxes in the nation. Our elected officials have no issues when it comes to new and creative ways of taxing the people. They literally tax anything and everything while throwing money at problems without real solutions. 

High corporate taxes cause many businesses to stay outside of the State’s border. Our 9.9% corporate tax is the second-highest in the county.

Pennsylvania can brag of the highest gas tax in the country. Our constitution states that this money is to be spent solely on the maintenance and safety of our roads, yet we can boast of the poorest road conditions in the country. Where does our money go?


40% of the massive budget in Pennsylvania is spent on the welfare of its people. This sounds like a State I would like to live in, except like most of the programs run by the State, it is full of waste and corruption. 

The State relies on non-profits to perform many of these welfare services. According to the audits of these contracts, the majority of the non-profits do but fulfill the duties of their contracts. I don’t want our welfare contracts sold to the companies with the best lobbyists. I want the people to decide the best companies to care for our less fortunate citizens. This is why I plan on sponsoring The Pennsylvania Charitable Credit Act.

Criminal Justice

Spending 3 billion dollars to keep almost 400,000 people in our criminal justice system is a huge burden on the taxpayers. It is also a burden on the families of those who have been convicted. Over 55% of the people that are tied up in our criminal justice system committed non-violent, victimless crimes.

Our penial system is out of date, there is very little attempt at rehabilitation, and often leaves people in no position to seek good employment. If we are going to grow as a society, this needs to be fixed.


Everyone is born with the right to protect themselves, their family, and their property.

Article I, section 21 of the Pennsylvania State Constitution states: “The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.”

Property tax

It is insane that someone could have their home taken from them for owing as little as $6.30. There needs to be serious changes in the law to protect the citizens from losing their house because they have fallen on tough times.

I win support legislation that protects the owner and lowers many of the burdening taxes.


The world is changing but our government keeps trying to force the same type of education. We need to listen to the parents, children, and teachers when deciding how to educate them.

I will support any and every form of alternative education. We are all born as unique individuals. To grow our children need freedom but guidance. Not the traditional, controlling method of forcing everyone into the same box. 

One of the best sources of education in this state is way too often overlooked. That is apprenticeships. There is a large need for skilled labor in this state and the labor unions are providing incredible training for these jobs. We need to support and protect the apprenticeships that are teaching our youth skilled careers that they can use to provide for the rest of their life.


Large corporations are able to manipulate our laws and regulations to keep their competition down.

I will support ideas that allow individuals the opportunity to turn their ideas into a business. As a business owner for 18 years, I learned that small business owners are way too often held back while trying to navigate the laws and regulations that govern their craft. 

As a Union Steamfitter, I see the need for the training and security the labor unions provide their workers. There is not a better way to create fair wages for all workers, demand appropriate benefits, protect workplace rights, and keep safe working environments.


The environment is very important to me. Growing up as a boy scout, I spent a lot of time in nature. We live on a beautiful planet that needs to be protected.

I would push to get government out of the way of class action lawsuits that would hold the polluters of the planet accountable. If corporations can’t contain their pollution, they will pay.


I support the full decriminalization of all forms of cannabis and the release of anyone in prison for cannabis-related offenses.

It’s just a plant!

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This is a rare election. There is no Republican running, and only a democrat. The last time an independent served in the Pennsylvania House was over 85 years ago. It’s time for real change to occur. We can and we WILL win.

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Voting is the most important piece preserving the future of the country, and aligning it with the values that made America.

Support Marc Bozzacco this election and stand for freedom with the first 3rd party candidate that would be elected in over 85 years to the Pennsylvania State House.


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Voting is November 3rd. If you are voting by mail, make sure you read all the ways to ensure your vote is counted here.









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